The Truck Driver Politician

Continued Hanover: Another Boring Western Germany City My couchsurfing host in Hanover was Tatiana, a mother with a 4-month old baby. She was originally from Belarus but moved to Germany with her parents when she was a teenager. She got a stable job in a bank in Hanover after studying. Well, you see, those office... Continue Reading →

The Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

Continued Hitchhiking in the Most Dangerous Part of Pakistan The German countryside air was getting from chilly to cold. Everybody went to pick up jackets and gather more firewood, Nina played the German hitchhiking song again and we sang along. Even after years, I would still remember the glowing faces of those lovely people, remember... Continue Reading →

The Most Awesome Bike in Germany

continued The Classic Musician in the Hippie Quarter So I landed in Wittenburg at night. Since this place was so small, couchsurfing was not a possibility. I prayed to the God of Good Weather for Traveling to let the rain stop so I could camp outside. It worked! At about 11 PM the rain sort... Continue Reading →

The Sea of Refugees in Northern Paris

Continued The Refugee Camps in NorthernĀ Paris Soon afterwards, I moved my ass and went on the road again. I was going to hitchhike from Paris to the Netherlands and then to the annual Hitchgathering! What? You have never heard of hitchgathering? Oh my...... What do schools teach these days?...... šŸ˜€ So, hitchgathering is the annual... Continue Reading →

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