Germany Is Not Sexy and They Know It

Continued The Road to Hanover After staying in Braunschweig for a few days, I started hitchhiking to Hanover. That was a sunny morning and I did sufficient research about where to stand and what to expect. I found a perfect spot near a tram stop and started hitchhiking. For two hours, people passed by, with... Continue Reading →

The Knife of A Chechen-Turkish Girl

"I am actually not completely Turkish." She said with her sweet British accent and pretty smile. "Never heard you telling me that!" I was surprised as I had always assumed that she was Turkish. "No, I come from a Chechen village in the eastern part of Turkey. Family of my father side is from Chechnya... Continue Reading →

Almost Died of Malaria in Kenya

Continued Busia the Dark Border Town The shared taxi dropped me at the city center of Busia. The streets was pitch dark. There were several taxis on the street. I heard loud music and smelled alcohol in the air. There were some scantily dressed girls flirting with drunk guys. In the whole neighborhood, I only saw... Continue Reading →

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