The Last Men Standing

Continued It Was Not Possible to Leave Riebau The next day was a lazy one. Agata and Andrzej had been claiming to be leaving 'the next day at 6 AM' everyday. On that day they were ever firmer. Agata: Yes, this time we are really really leaving! Going to start hitchhiking at 6 AM tomorrow... Continue Reading →

I Did Not Know I Was Free

Continued Essentially in Ireland I was in Rhode Island, just to catch the flight to Ireland, where I would be transferring to Bordeaux, Southern France. The airport was called┬áProvidence/Boston-TF Green, long name for a small airport. When I passed the security check and started collecting my stuff. A stapler curiously found its way among my... Continue Reading →

The Magnificent Public Transport of US

Continued Why Did I Want A Different Life? You know, since I had lived in the Netherlands for more or less 6 years, I had acquired the Dutch frankness. My classmates who were doing their Postdoc either in Harvard, Yale and other major biomedical institutes were... rather... boring..... especially if I compared them with those... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve Is Just Another Day

Dec 24th, 2014 Most people wait the whole week for weekend, the whole year for vocation, the whole life for retirement. I TRAVEL! It sounds pretty cool, he? For a traveller (not tourist or vacationer), everyday is weekend, everyday is vocation and most of us do not work, at least when traveling. However, it also... Continue Reading →

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