The Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

Continued Hitchhiking in the Most Dangerous Part of Pakistan The German countryside air was getting from chilly to cold. Everybody went to pick up jackets and gather more firewood, Nina played the German hitchhiking song again and we sang along. Even after years, I would still remember the glowing faces of those lovely people, remember... Continue Reading →

The Professional Dumpster Diver

Continued Dumpster Diving & Table Diving The next morning, I was awakened by the noise of construction downstairs at 7 AM in the living room. We went for dumpster diving at noon.¬†When we arrived in the first site, there were already another person rummaging through the garbage container. The garbage container, or dumpster was at... Continue Reading →

From Szczecin to Berlin

Continued The Craziest Place in the Balkans I reached Szczecin in the early evening and the rain stopped there. In many western countries, people have this opinion about Poland that it is not developed and there is still much communist hangover. However, this picture is not completely true. As Poland joined EU in 2014, loads... Continue Reading →

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