The Taliban Prisoners from Europe

Continued The Estonian Girl in Her Bras You might wonder, how did they live there? OK, they might have installed plumbing and have water supply for shower and cooking, but where did they get fuel? What did they eat? Well, they built a stove in the kitchen and gathered wood from the countryside. For food,... Continue Reading →

Along the Iron Curtain

Continued The Fairy-like Couple in the East German Forest On a sunny morning, I said goodbye to Lotte, who was studying in the new university building designed by Daniel Liebskind. and set out hitchhiking to Riebau for the gathering of hitchhikers. Before I left, Lotte gave me a bottle of chocolate paste to share with... Continue Reading →

From Szczecin to Berlin

Continued The Craziest Place in the Balkans I reached Szczecin in the early evening and the rain stopped there. In many western countries, people have this opinion about Poland that it is not developed and there is still much communist hangover. However, this picture is not completely true. As Poland joined EU in 2014, loads... Continue Reading →

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