The Grandpa from Cold War Era

Continued The Lazy People and the Lake The sun was shinning like a big smiling face. We were all sprawling on the grass in the yard, like lazy cats. In the alternative commune where we were staying, there was a room with books of all kinds and tools to fix everything. Among them I even... Continue Reading →

Why Is It Safe to Hitchhike

Continued Brussels, Quentin and An Old Photo Years ago, when I was still young and innocent (OK, just 3 years ago actually......). I wanted to attend a wedding in Europe, so I asked around and one of the people who replied was Quentin. He said he could arrange for me to go to a wedding... Continue Reading →

The Battle to Poitiers

Continued The Business Talk I had constantly been told that hitchhiking in France was typically easy...... Now I wanted to punch the person who said that! To reach Poitiers, I had been standing on the side of a crossroad north to La Rochelle for two hours at least and already went to pee twice, as... Continue Reading →

Almost Died of Malaria in Kenya

Continued Busia the Dark Border Town The shared taxi dropped me at the city center of Busia.┬áThe streets was pitch dark. There were several taxis on the street. I heard loud music and smelled alcohol in the air. There were some scantily dressed girls flirting with drunk guys. In the whole neighborhood, I only saw... Continue Reading →

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