The Grandpa from Cold War Era

Continued The Lazy People and the Lake The sun was shinning like a big smiling face. We were all sprawling on the grass in the yard, like lazy cats. In the alternative commune where we were staying, there was a room with books of all kinds and tools to fix everything. Among them I even... Continue Reading →

The Sea of Refugees in Northern Paris

Continued The Refugee Camps in NorthernĀ Paris Soon afterwards, I moved my ass and went on the road again. I was going to hitchhike from Paris to the Netherlands and then to the annual Hitchgathering! What? You have never heard of hitchgathering? Oh my...... What do schools teach these days?...... šŸ˜€ So, hitchgathering is the annual... Continue Reading →

The Criminal Who Gave Me A Ride

I was on my way from Ithaca, upstate New York to Niagara Falls. A small truck stopped. I went up and a laughing face appeared, hurrying clearing up the seat for me. His name was Toby. I got inside. Seriously, after such a long time of waiting today, no matter what kind of scary people... Continue Reading →

What?! You Don’t Have Money?!

Dec 18th, 2014 From where the "gangster looking" driver dropped me, I walked a few minutes, passedĀ a school where little kids looked at me with full curiosity, and arrived atĀ a gas station. One truck was standingĀ there and the driver's English was barely sufficient to understand me, but heĀ asked for money. --"What?! You don't have money?!"......... Continue Reading →

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