Table Diving!!

Jan 8th, 2015 Table diving, what is it? Well, you go to a joint, a place where a large amount of food is consumed and wait for people to finish their meals. If there is still some food left after they have left, you go up and finish it. Yes, it is very APPALLING! Many,... Continue Reading →

The Most Annoying Thing for Traveling

Jan 7th, 2015 The next day, when I was fighting ferocious mosquitoes in my dreams, I was awakened by the morning chanting of the monks. They were praying, at -- 5:12am! It was not difficult for me to return to my dreams. Their chanting was neither noisy nor annoying, especially with the special scent of... Continue Reading →

Stay in A Buddhist Monastery

Jan 6th, 2015 I went to a photo store to take some more photos for visa application. The plan was that the next day I would go to the embassy of Bangladesh for visa application. Regarding how to keep a low budget in Bangkok, I got two ideas from Nomads group on Facebook -- staying... Continue Reading →

Visa Riot

Jan 6th, 2015 I would pick up my Myanmar visa today. The embassy would open at about 2pm, so I had quite some time. I went to a library, where I knew I could probably find free wifi and a comfortable seat. When I was in Europe, it always worked -- where there was a... Continue Reading →

When You Forget Which Year It Is!

Dec 31st, 2014 When I arrived in Bangkok train station in next morning, the sun already brightly shone above the hubbub of Bangkok. It's a busy place. The city was generally clean, and well arranged. Many aspects were comparable with some other Asian cities I had visited, except one characteristic -- it's unbelievably TOURISTIC! You... Continue Reading →

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