The Most Ungerman City in Germany

Continued Martin and the German Speed The two German teachers who hosted us in their house drove us to a gas station on the way to Osnabruck. We thanks them again and again. Now we were back on the road again, with new adventures ahead. OK, compared to hitchhiking in Pakistan or Eastern Africa, hitchhiking... Continue Reading →

The Strangers Who Invited Us Home

Continued Thousands of Reasons to Love Leiden So... yeah, with asking around in gas stations, being sociable and some luck, we got smoothly from Maastricht to Leiden. We stayed in the house of my friend Erik and Cesar. Erik was not home, which was not surprising, because he was almost never home anymore. He now... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Grandpa from the Netherlands

Continued The Hitchhiking Version of Hansel and Gretel So I was in the car of the grandpa. We were chatting happily and even the weather started to clear up. Seriously, when I was living in the Netherlands, I actually felt that the Dutch people were too rigid and conservative. They were difficult to make friends... Continue Reading →

Why Is It Safe to Hitchhike

Continued Brussels, Quentin and An Old Photo Years ago, when I was still young and innocent (OK, just 3 years ago actually......). I wanted to attend a wedding in Europe, so I asked around and one of the people who replied was Quentin. He said he could arrange for me to go to a wedding... Continue Reading →

The Sea of Refugees in Northern Paris

Continued The Refugee Camps in Northern Paris Soon afterwards, I moved my ass and went on the road again. I was going to hitchhike from Paris to the Netherlands and then to the annual Hitchgathering! What? You have never heard of hitchgathering? Oh my...... What do schools teach these days?...... 😀 So, hitchgathering is the annual... Continue Reading →

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