No Bears in Canada

Continued Not Quite French When I was in the States, everybody told me that I should go to Canada and visit Montreal, as it might just be the prettiest city in Canada and US combined. Then I would ask them: 'Why? How come?' Then they would answer with great relish: 'It's very French!' Then I... Continue Reading →

Canada: Easier to Hitchhike than US?

continued Arif the World Traveler When I finally arrived in front of the apartment of Arif, it was already 6 PM. We first met in Beijing, when he was traveling around the world. With two girls (one Norwegian one Dutch) from couchsurfing, we did wild camping together on the wild Great Wall. Seriously, that was... Continue Reading →

Four Years, Two Hitchhikers

Continued A Strange Noise There was a strange noise around my tent. Although I slept with earplugs, I still clearly heard it. It sounded like metal chinking but not exactly. 'Never mind', I tried to continue sleeping. However, the noise was becoming nearer and nearer. I woke up and realized it was the noise of... Continue Reading →

Toronto Is Too Far

Continued You see, when I am traveling, I am not an early-riser. When I woke up, it was already 9:30 AM and John was already watching TV. Yes, in US people actually watch TV, unlike in Europe. I did not remember last time when I watched TV when I was living in the Netherlands. Oh!... Continue Reading →

All Species of Policemen in USA

Continued Super Polite Police From where Toby left me, I started asking the truck drivers for a ride. Seriously, almost all the trucks were going on the highway and there were not many directions to go and Rochester was just a few miles away, but nope, none of them said they were going that way.... Continue Reading →

The Criminal Who Gave Me A Ride

I was on my way from Ithaca, upstate New York to Niagara Falls. A small truck stopped. I went up and a laughing face appeared, hurrying clearing up the seat for me. His name was Toby. I got inside. Seriously, after such a long time of waiting today, no matter what kind of scary people... Continue Reading →

NOT Handcuffed While Hitchhiking in USA

I know it's unbelievable but this time I did NOT get handuffed by US police while hitchhiking. Continued Mennonite Psychologists from Virginia Those two cool police officers took off my handcuff. While I was getting used to being without it, they said goodbye. I was left in a service station with Dunkin' Donuts. Let's forget... Continue Reading →

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