The Road Built by the Romans

Continued The Call of Music Since I had long passed Tours, my next destination would be Chartres and then Orleans, then I would finally head for Paris. An elderly man took me. He was very talkative, spoke French very fast and with a strong indistinguishable regional accent. I tried my best to follow but all... Continue Reading →

When I Owned Poitiers

Continued Food and the Starry Night After carefully checking for dog shit, Etienne and I set up our tents on a piece of lawn next to the statue of St Mary. Under the statue there was a terrace, on which one could see the whole city lit up, like a piece of starry night on... Continue Reading →

The Battle to Poitiers

Continued The Business Talk I had constantly been told that hitchhiking in France was typically easy...... Now I wanted to punch the person who said that! To reach Poitiers, I had been standing on the side of a crossroad north to La Rochelle for two hours at least and already went to pee twice, as... Continue Reading →

From Airport to the Port

Continued The Pain of Solitude When I went to a nearby supermarket by bus I met this Swiss guy living in Bordeaux. He had a pair of neat glasses, about 35 years old. There was nothing quite peculiar about him. He saw me with my backpack on the bus to the airport and came up... Continue Reading →

I Did Not Know I Was Free

Continued Essentially in Ireland I was in Rhode Island, just to catch the flight to Ireland, where I would be transferring to Bordeaux, Southern France. The airport was called┬áProvidence/Boston-TF Green, long name for a small airport. When I passed the security check and started collecting my stuff. A stapler curiously found its way among my... Continue Reading →

The Magnificent Public Transport of US

Continued Why Did I Want A Different Life? You know, since I had lived in the Netherlands for more or less 6 years, I had acquired the Dutch frankness. My classmates who were doing their Postdoc either in Harvard, Yale and other major biomedical institutes were... rather... boring..... especially if I compared them with those... Continue Reading →

Bernie Sanders Did Not Give Tips

Continued Countries Worth Only One Word When the border control building was out of my sight, I was relieved. Now I just needed to catch a ride, then I would be totally free! However, to catch a ride was a real challenge, as you might have noticed, I was back in the US again...... Although... Continue Reading →

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